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I didn't really sleep well. There was a family in the room above me. The family arrived late and it took a long time for them to get settled. Oy! They weren't especially loud there was just a lot of them. I got up early enough to watch some of the semi final matches from the French Open. La Ni from China was beating Maria Sharapova when I got packed and on the road. The temperature was already warm. The winds were also strong from the south and that was where I was headed. I started out on Hwy 60. The beginning of the ride was spent straddling a rumble strip with my left front wheel just over the white shoulder line. I had to keep a straight line with the trike for a few miles. This was surprisingly easy to do. The GPS took me off Hwy 60 onto quiet farm roads into Monett. On the way I came across a jittery horse and rider. The horse was coming toward me and got off the road until I passed. The only other company was a few dogs that barked me on down the road. Monett was a lovely town where I took a break in a coffee house. I checked on the tennis scores and La Ni took down Sharapova and will be playing for the French Open Championship on Saturday. The ratings for whatever network in China shows this match are going to be huge.

When I got going again the wind was much stronger as I turned onto Hwy 37 going directly into it. The temperature was rising into the 90's but the wind actually kept it manageable. The humidity wasn't as high as it can get in this area either. Hwy 37 continues on the 'Trail of Tears'. The GPS again routed me off the hwy through farmland into Purdy. I found the city park to have lunch with covered tables and electricity. A father and son came over to ask about my trike. They thought Myrtle was really cool and gave me ideas of places to visit as I continue south.

After lunch I went back out to Hwy 37 and the howling wind. The shoulder was roomy, the road was smooth and the sun was searing. I took off again after a few miles onto quieter roads. Some of it was on unpaved roads which always makes me uncomfortable. There was very little traffic and most people seemed to be delighted seeing the trike. I love seeing the big smiles that Myrtle brings out of people. I continued on with some ups and downs through little Butterfield into Cassville. Originally I was planning on staying at an America's Best Value Inn but it wasn't on the GPS and I ended up at a Budget Inn for the cheaper rate of $46. This hotel has everything I look for in accommodation. Clean, quiet, comfortable, cheap, wifi, fridge, micro and a safe place for Myrtle. After getting unpacked I went to the grocery to pick up a few supplies. I met a woman who was really interested in my trip. She called the editor of the local Cassville Democrat newspaper who surprised me by knocking at my motel door asking for an interview. The editor handled the interview very professionally and she was easy to talk to. That was unexpected and fun. She said I would get a copy of the article by email when it goes to print.

The temperatures are going to continue in the 90's for the next few days but there isn't any severe weather forecast. Tomorrow I'll be heading to a new state - Arkansas.

Aurora to Cassville, MO

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I took off the main road into Monett.

I met this jittery horse and rider on the way into Monett.

The road was scenic and quiet.

I love the old barns

Still on the 'Trail of Tears' heading south to Arkansas.

Can't get enough of all the pretty horses.

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