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My room didn't have a microwave so I went to the front desk and gave them a bowl of oatmeal to heat up. They also gave me hot water for coffee. Over time, I have found that oatmeal stays with me longer. Regular cereals leave me hungry within an hour. This way I started my day knowing I would make it another 20 miles before stopping to eat. The hotel was right on I-10 and got on leaving at 8:30. It was warmer than the last couple of days with bright blue skies. The first few miles were fairly flat. I pulled over to get out the ipod when I heard someone trying to get my attention. At first I thought it was another cyclist coming up behind me but no one was back there. Then I identified the voice as belonging to a young man camped out on the other side of the frontage road. He came walking over and introduced himself as George Throop. George is walking across the country hoping to inspire others to exercise and lead heathier lives. He has a website. We chatted for a while and then I started up the hill.

There was a 1,000 ft climb to Sierra Blanca. It was a fairly gentle grade for many miles. By the time I got to town I was hungry and needed to charge up. I found some outlets outside the Trans Pecos bank and plugged in. There was a cafe across the street and I went over to see if there was any wifi. I took a menu and ordered a veggie burrito. It was the smallest burrito I've ever seen. The wifi didn't work and Nascar was really loud on the tv. I went to pay and complained about the food. The manager gave me 50% off. That really surprised me. This is a strange town that doesn't have much to offer. Apparently New York trucks and trains much of it's garbage, sewage and even nuclear waste to be buried in the desert outside town. There is also a junction of 2 trains lines.

After just over an hour my batteries were ready and I continued down I-10. The winds really picked up. Lucky for me the winds were either at my back or from my right. I was worried about dust but it didn't happen. The winds picked up to over 30 mph and I was also going downhill. Yoohoo!! As I approached Van Horn the winds started to calm down. It was warm enough for shorts too.

My cycle analyst was still putting out funny numbers. The negative watts went up to -3349. At one point the regenerating watts reached 10%. I wish. I noticed that the regenerating screen also showed 'fwd' amps and I decided that was the number I've used. I sure hope someone will have an answer for this.

I crossed into central time losing an hour when I entered Van Horn. I pulled into the Motel 6 where I had made an online reservation. It was $10 cheaper to reserve online. A fridge, microwave and wifi were included for $39. I needed to get some supplies and there was also a market next door. After 66 miles I was ready to relax.

Fort Hancock to Van Horn, TX

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George Throop is walking across the country.

Regenerating watts?

Hills outside Van Horn.

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