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I had a very relaxing rest day and boy did I need it. I didn't do much of anything and hardly left the motel room. A friend is thinking about meeting me in Austin and I spent some time researching the road to figure out when I could be there. I also made calls to make sure motels along the way are still open. The owners of the Budget Inn also gave me recommendations for my route to San Angelo. They were very nice people.

I wanted to get going early in the morning because the forecast was for ferocious winds developing. I only had 45 miles to go and started out just after 8 am. There was no wind as I headed east on I-10 for 14 miles to the turn off for highway 365. The winds picked up considerably in the next hour. Lucky for me the road mostly went down and the wind was at my side. Then there was a turn in the road and the wind was at my left shoulder or my back. Yeehaw! There were rest area turn offs with covered picnic tables located at convenient intervals. I really enjoyed Highway 365. The road had a wide shoulder and very little traffic. The landscape was parched looking brush dotted with oil and gas wells. There was so much drilling going on I coud smell the oil in the air. As I approached McCamey I could see wind farms up on a plateau. This was a very welcome sight after smelling oil and gas for many miles. The wind had picked up to probably 30 mph and I was heartened to know Texas was taking advantage of this natural clean resource. Aside from oil and gas I was also smelling skunks that had been run down. I don't think I've ever seen so many dead skunks on one road.

I approached Girvin which was nothing more than a town sign with a dilapidated saloon on a corner. It looked abandoned but, apparently, it is still open on Friday and Saturday nights. I was making very good time and wasn't using the motor as much as I thought I would. The wind started howling at 50 mph as I pulled into McCamey. The dust was getting into my eyes and causing problems with my contacts. This town calls itself 'the wind capital of Texas' and it did not disappoint in that respect. I really needed to get off the road. The town appeared quite poor and I was concerned about how the motel would be. The Bonita Inn was probably the nicest looking place in McCamey. The owner was expecting me and we started up a nice conversation right away. I got checked into a very nice room for $45. I think he gave me a better rate because he was impressed with the effort I made to get there.

Tomorrow is another under 50 mile day and, hopefully, the winds will calm down.

Fort Stockton to McCamey, TX

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Pecos River

Rest Area

Girvin saloon

Highway 365 to McCamey

McCamey wind farms

Go McCamey Badgers!

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