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It was chilly again this morning as I left the Eleven Inn and Balmorhea. Dave, the owner, generously gave me some fruit for the road when I returned the key. It was a rough ride through town with the highway east located about 4 miles away. A couple of miles later I pulled into the only gas station for the trip to use the bathroom. When presented with an opportunity I say take it. I had a gentle tailwind as I rode up and down the long rollers. It seems that I have been on I-10 long enough that lots of truckers recognize me. All day I got toot toots from semis going in both directions. It has really surprised me how many wide loaded trucks are on the highway. I seem to remember that wide load trucks use to have a lead and rear pickup to warn other travelers. Not anymore. Mostly the truck get slapped with a wide load sign and are sent on their way. Sometimes half a house is coming down the road with a large section hanging over the shoulder. I get no warning until they are right next to me. I try to stay as far to the right as possible but sometimes I have to swerve all over to avoid chunks of tire pieces. Good times for sure.

The shoulder was wide all day but the surface changed from smooth to rough to very rough and back to smooth. On the smooth surface pedaling was so much easier and the ride was quieter too. It was a great relief. About 30 miles into the ride I pulled into a rest area. There were urgently needed bathrooms and wifi. The wifi was funny though. I could get my email and to many sites but I couldn't post to Facebook or share articles from news sources. There weren't any outlets in the bathrooms but a guy was working and had a room open in the back that I took the batteries to for charging. I talked to lots of people as I prepared some lunch at a table. Many people offered me a ride to my next destination.

I continued on and there was a nice 3 mile downhill into Fort Stockton. This town has been on my radar for a week. My reason for picking this town to arrive in today was a 5:30 Weight Watchers meeting. There is only one meeting for the week and I arrived at the Budget Inn and got checked in for $40 by 3 pm. I went online to get the address for the Catholic church where the meeting was being held. When I got there I found out there was no meeting. It had been canceled 2 weeks ago. I tried to talk to the woman in the office but she worked for the church and didn't know anything about Weight Watchers. I was really bummed as I rode back to the motel. I also realized I was really tired and decided to stay here another day.

Balmorhea to Fort Stockton, TX

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Rest area with wifi.

Davis Mountain plateau

Fort Stockton road runner.

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