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I slept great and Charley had a full breakfast for me when I got up. Kamala took some pictures and they gave me nice send off. They also plotted a route off the interstate. I'm enjoying taking advantage of my Warm Showers membership more than I thought I would. It is a really good feeling that people are expecting me and that I have someone to call if something goes wrong. It is also nice having a home cooked meal and company for an evening. I'm already looking forward to my next opportunity.

I got on North Loop and passed through very small towns. The farm land was barren and getting ready for planting. Mexico was just a few miles away all day. Most of the towns I went through were very hispanic. The road had a good shoulder and I got lots of thumbs up from passing cowboys. Riding through the town of Clint I saw a young couple looking for something on the side of the road. I stopped to ask what was up and the young man said his sister had been missing for a couple of days. They were looking for any clues around where her car was found. Wow - that certainly wasn't what I was expecting him to say. I wished him well and that his sister comes home soon. Later I saw him on the evening news saying that his sister was home. I stopped in Fabens for lunch and sat outside McDonald's to use their wifi. It was a beauiful day and the route was very flat. The highlight of the day was coming across the Wingo Reserve. There were thousands of ducks and birds. I stopped for a snack and watched all the activity for quite awhile. It was lovely. It feels like there are more birds in Texas which I really like.

My cycle analyst is still showing regenerating watts. Today the numbers really climbed. A few times I saw -159 watts. When I got to the Fort Hancock hotel I took the unit apart and cleaned out any dust. The wires look really vulnerable and it is very possible that one of these wires is coming loose. It didn't help when I put the unit back together. The biggest trouble is that I'm not sure I can trust the numbers the cycle analyst is putting out. I really need to know how many amps I'm using so I don't go too deep into the batteries. I'll have to make a few calls to find out what to do. The motor is working and batteries are charging just fine. I'll have to hang in there until Monday when I'll find out more information.

The Fort Hancock Motel is the only place to stay in town. I got settled in the hotel for $49. I arrived early enough to take care of lots of bike maintenance. The wifi was slow but I managed to get everything done. I also had time to call lots of friends which is always fun.

Tomorrow is back on the interstate to Van Horn.

El Paso to Fort Hancock, TX

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Mexico in the distance. Lots of fields ready for planting today.

Egrets at the Wingo Reserve.

Ducks at the reserve.

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