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I probably could have used another day's rest but didn't want to stay in San Angelo any longer. The winds were incredibly strong over the last 2 days reaching 65 mph. It was tough riding around town taking care of errands. On Monday I rode to a Weight Watchers meeting and met lots of nice people. This was a very spirited meeting. Unfortunately, the scale let me down as I gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My diet is practically vegan and I cycled 500 miles since the last meeting. I don't eat fried food, fast food, meat or any dairy products. I haven't had any chips, soda, juice, candy, deserts or even alcohol. This is a clean diet. Whats a girl got to do to lose a few pounds?!? We'll see how it goes at the next meeting and hope for better results. After the meeting the leaders came outside and took pictures with Myrtle. It was really fun. They kept saying that Weight Watchers needs to know about my story. I agree.

In the morning, I was somewhat leasurely about packing up and got on the road by 9 am. The winds were calm and the skies bright blue. I knew I was headed for the Texas hill country but wasn't sure if I would hit it today. The road was very flat for many, many miles. I started out on Loop 306 and then took Highway 67 the rest of the way. Both roads were in good shape with a wide shoulder.

After 10 miles I took a break in the small town of Wall. There was a covered pavillion next to the bank that had water, tables, bathrooms and electricity. I pulled in and made a cup of coffee while I topped off the batteries. A half hour later I was back on the road heading to Vancourt. The landscape was mostly farm land. It was nice not having the smell of oil in the air. Although, many of the fields had small oil drills bobbing up and down. It seemed that the fields were getting ready for spring cotton planting. I passed a few lamb and goat herds which broke up the monotony of brown fields.

Vancourt didn't have anything to offer and I ended up pulling over on the side of the road to make a burrito for lunch. The road continued to be quite flat as I approached Eden. I stopped at a rest area that advertised wifi but I couldn't get it to work. I met a woman whose daughter works at Lance Armstrong's bike shop in Austin. She gave me other suggestions for things to do there. Everyone I talk to is very enthusiastic about Austin. I'm really looking forward to exploring it. I've already secured a Warm Showers host to stay with which I think will also make my stay there comfortable.

As I rode into Eden a guy flagged me down. Hoss rides a Cat trike and we exchanged information and chatted for quite awhile. He, too, loves Austin. I continued on to the Slumber Inn where I got checked in for $49.95.

I guess the hill country will have to wait until tomorrow.

San Angelo to Eden, TX

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Just can't get away from the oil.

From oil to farm land.

Taking a break in Wall.

Ranch entrance.

Grazing goats.

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