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After yesterday's epic ride it was no wonder I had trouble getting going this morning. Surpringly, I actually got on the road before 9 am. What a relief when the temps were above freezing too. It was a beautiful day that warmed up quickly. What a difference a state can make. The road was in great shape. The shoulder was wide, smooth and clean. I also had a nice tailwind brewing for the first time in at least a week. This was shaping up to be a fabulous day. After 20 miles I stopped at a travel center to top off the batteries and get a coffee. I met a homeless guy who has been biking around the country for over 20 years. He kept talking to me about how his family has been screwing him out of money. He also warned me it will be too cold to go to El Paso. I told him El Paso is only 100 miles and at a lower elevation. It really should be ok. He warned me about just about every big stop all across the country. Why do people always feel the need to do that when 'Have a good trip' will do just fine. He was sure there was a big bag of money out in the desert and he left to find it. I took my lunch to eat at a table outside.

I continued on another 15 miles to the next travel center for a pee break. There were outlets outside but I didn't need them. The road was fairly flat as I approached the Continental Divide where I stopped for pictures. I thought there would be a downhill but the road remained flat. The next stop was a rest area that also had outlets in the bathroom. I had read that some rest areas have wifi but I forgot to check if this was one of them. The tailwinds picked up and I was flying down the road at 16 mph - yahoo! The last stop was another travel center where I stopped briefly and found outlets outside. I plugged in for a short time while I made something to eat. I talked to lots of people today about my trip and Myrtle. Everyone gets excited that they saw me riding earlier in the day. I really enjoy talking to people on the road.

60 miles later and I was in Deming my destination for the day. There are lots of hotels to choose from. Many looked kinda scary. I checked-in to another Super 8 for $53. This one had a hot tub I was looking forward to using.

Tomorrow I will go the Las Cruces. My friend Carolyn lives in Santa Fe and is going to meet me there to spend a few days hanging out. I sure could use a break and am really excited to see my friend.

Lordsburg to Deming, NM

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Lots of billboards for an upcoming travel stop.

Western landscape

Funny pubilc sign.

At a rest area.

Anyone need a teepee?

View from the road.

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