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Googlemaps and the Garmin GPS didn't agree on a route out of Phoenix. The Googlemaps route appealed to me because it used some the canal paths. I wrote down directions on a napkin and started out. It was cold but above freezing for the first morning in many days. Being Saturday morning there was little traffic down Jefferson passed Chase Field. My directions said the Grand Canal Path would come off of Washington but I couldn't find it. I asked city workers and a policeman but no one had even heard of it. I found a Starbucks in Tempe and thought someone might know of the path. I had ridden about 10 miles and thought a cup sounded good as well. No one here knew what I was asking either. I sat down with a cup and watched a woman sewing curtains. Yes, a woman had brought her sewing machine to Starbucks. That was a first!

I continued on down Mill in Tempe following a route generated by the Garmin. This took me through lots of neighborhoods and the ASU campus. It was very quiet and I enjoyed it. I had the GPS plot me a route into Chandler where I knew there was a Whole Foods. After 24 miles I was ready for lunch. I brought my batteries in and got them charged while I had lunch. This Whole Foods is out of control. It had the usual departments but also a wine and beer bar. You could taste 24 wines and they also had 25 beers on tap. There was a flat screen for sports and electronic dart boards. I took my teriyaki portobela mushrooms with Asian veggies to the cafe to eat and use the wifi. The wifi sucked me in longer than I expected. I was back on the road after 2 pm with 35 miles to go.

After Chandler, the GPS took me passed Sun West and through the Gila River Indian territory on roads with no traffic. The landscape was nothing but desert. It was all good until I turned on Pinal Road which had a lot more traffic. The road surface also sucked. Luckily, the cars were patient. I went from the road to the sidewalk checking out motels as I entered Casa Grande. It was after 5 pm and much later than I like to arrive at my destination. Getting to town so late meant that the cheaper motels were full. I ended up at a Best Western getting checking for $90. Ouch! At least they had a hot tub.

Phoenix to Casa Grande, AZ

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Cactus landscape

Chase Field - home of the Diamondbacks.

Chandler - A woman brought her sewing machine to Starbucks?!?

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