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Susan and I had breakfast together before she headed off to work. I took longer to get packed but finally pushed off after 8 am. On my way out of town I stopped at Ajo bikes to ask a few questions. Everyone at this bike shop is terrific. While I was there a guy came in selling home made tortillas and I bought a pack. These were the best tortillas I've had since my visit to Mexico. Then I turned on the GPS to plot me a route out of Tucson and into Vail where I would get on I-10. It was slow going because there were so many stop signs and lights. I passed Davis Monthan Air Force base and a graveyard of old planes lined up by the road. Fighter jets were taking off in pairs all afternoon. I stopped at Safeway in Valencia to have lunch and charge up my batteries. An hour later I was rolling again.

The route today was all uphill. It was a gradual 1-3% most of the way but kept my speed down. Once I got on I-10 there was a lot of radial tire pieces in the shoulder. The temperature has warmed up again and I enjoyed lots of sunshine with little wind. The landscape was cactus and more cactus. I found the starkness quite beautiful.

The hill I had been climbing all day finally crested before Benson and I went screaming downhill to my destination for the day. When I approached Benson I called my warm showers hosts for final directions and rode the 1.5 miles to their house. Lainie and Jerry were waiting outside to invite me in. I rolled around the back to get settled in the motorhome. This was one of those huge motor homes too. I was going to be very comfortable tongiht. After I unloaded Myrtle, I went to the house to have a shower and get cleaned up. This couple were very intersting and I really enjoyed our conversations. They invited me to have a wonderful dinner with them. The meal was terrific and after riding 60 miles I was hungry.

I think I could get used to staying with Warm Showers hosts.

Tucson to Benson, AZ

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Mountain view.

Cactus desert.

Lodging for the night.

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