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When I arrived at the motel I found out another cyclist, a young woman, had been looking for a room. Since I had taken the last one she had to move on. Turns out the room had 2 beds. If she had waited around I'm sure I would have shared the room.

Everywhere I go everyone tells me to be careful and watch out for the wetbacks. I could be in big trouble talking to or even seen with Mexicans. I spent 6 months touring in Mexico and had a fabulous time. As far as I'm concerned Mexicans are the happiest people in the world. I can't imagine what these people would say to that. Again, the front desk people tried to spook me saying the area has a lot of agricultural, immigrant workers. I told them I'll take my chances.

I slept well and packed up early to be on the road just after 8 am. It was cold again this morning with bright sunshine and warmed up by 9:30. The route had a number of very small, blink and you'll miss it, towns. I stopped at the cafe in the little town of Hope for a cup of coffee. Aside from the cafe there was also a church - that's all. I met some locals who were completely dumbfounded by Myrtle and my ride. It was very humorous. I snapped the pic above as I was leaving town. Next was a bigger town of Salome which has the slogan 'Where She Danced'. I figured this was referencing the biblical story where woman danced for the head of John the Baptist on a platter. The local pronunciation is Saloam. I stopped at a cafe to charge up my batteries and get something to eat. I ordered a veggie burger but got a Denver omelette. Eventually they got it right. They also had wifi so I was happy.

Last night when I was planning today's route I noticed that the little town of Aquila had a motel. I called to make sure it was still open and got booked in. When I arrived at the Burro Jim Motel no one was around so I called. The owner answered telling me he didn't remember booking me. I explained who I was and then he remembered but wouldn't be back for a couple of hours and to sit tight. OK? I went to the cafe next door. The cafe people told me the guy is a new owner and they think he is really strange. Strange is right! I had been sitting for about an hour when the motel guy called me to say he didn't have a room but to come over and someone would give me a ride to Wickenburg, the next town. You have got to be kidding. I talked to the cafe people and they all, very generously, offered to help me if there were anymore problems. Well, after finishing my meal I went over and, now suddenly, he had a room for me. This is one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had at a motel. The guy was actually really nice but didn't have a strong grasp of his property. Apparently, his wife had been booking rooms without telling him. The motel wasn't anything to get excited about either. In fact, it was probably one of the skankiest I've stayed at in the US but he only charged me $45. And still, I was happy it all worked out. I unloaded Myrtle and was really exhausted falling asleep early.

Brenda to Aquila, AZ

View from the road

The big town of Salome

Flowering yucca

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