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John and Jen were already set up when 3 youngsters rolled in. One guy was flying a huge 5 x 7 ft pirate flag behind him. The gal was riding with a kitten in her jacket she had picked up in Mendocino earlier in the day. I've heard of people touring with pets but never one in a jacket. They only had 2 more days of riding to Bodega Bay. The facilities at KOA are always nicely equipped and we all cooked our dinners in the outdoor kitchen feeling very civilized.

I slept well and awoke to a dry tent. This is so nice and made getting ready easier. I decided to clean my 3 chains before taking off and got going around 9. It looked to be another beautiful day. I never expected the weather to be so good for this trip and everyday I'm amazed that it is continuing. I made my way into Point Arena and found the co-op for coffee and some supplies. A young gal I rode with in Oregon is from this small town and I asked at the deli counter if anyone knew Liz. No one did and I took my coffee to a table to use the wifi. Liz and her boyfriend came into the co-op while I was sitting there. What good timing and it was fun to see her again. She invited me to stay but it was so early I felt like moving on. They suggested checking out the Point Arena Cove which I did. I'm not sure I would have done this side trip without the motor. The detour was only 2 miles but, in the past, I would have been too worried about getting to my next destination to take the time out. Hooray for the motor. The cove was lovely and there were lots of surfers taking on waves breaking far off the shore. Even though it was a sunny day, there was a haze that gave everything a glarey feel and the pictures didn't turn out very well.

I continued on to Gualala where I heard there is a very nice campground in a grove of redwoods but I wanted to go farther. Somewhere in this section I got up to 46.3 mph - yoohoo! I stopped at a fancy restaurant in Sea Ranch for a bowl of clam chowder. The bar was busy with people watching the Giants game. In Stewart's Point I found a grocery and asked about camping up ahead. There are a long string of Sonoma County campgrounds starting at Salt Point. No one seemed to know if there was electricity in any of the campgrounds. The first one I came to was called Gerstle Point. I found the camphost and asked about electricity. The campground doesn't have electricity but he offered up his motor home to charge my batteries. He said it costs $35 to camp there but across the street was a hiker/biker for $5. There is another camphost that will probably let me charge up at thier motorhome. I thanked him and went across the street to Woodside SP. He had called the hiker/biker host and they were expecting me. That was very thoughtful and it was no problem getting my batteries charged. There were no showers here either so I was going to rough it tonight. It's ok once in a while to do without a shower. The camphosts were very nice giving me a wheel barrow full of firewood at no charge. If I can remember to lock away my food from the raccoons everything will be good.

Manchester to Woodside SP

Pampas Grass

Grass lined road

Hidden beach

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