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The weather in Portland has been wet for over a week so when I awoke to no rain it felt like a miracle. Not only was there no rain there was no wind either. Amazing. I left Annie's house for the first day of my tour at about 8:30 am in good spirits. Very shortly I had to go through a tunnel. I pushed the button to start the flashers letting traffic know a bike was in the tunnel and used the motor to get through a little bit quicker. I've never had a problem with these tunnels but the noise level is very stressful. After the tunnel I went over Neahkahnie Mountain which would be the biggest climb of the day. I got up to 39 mph coming into Manzanita where I stopped for a latte. I had heard Spa Manzanita had good massage and rode over to see if anyone was available for a half hour to help with my stiff shoulder. They were all booked so I continued on. The scenery was lovely and I pulled into many scenic viewpoints. At one viewpoint a film crew was setting up for a commercial shoot. Interestingly, it was for trike motorcycles. Even though the lookout was coned off everyone laughed when I pulled in. I parked next to a guy sitting on a motorcycle and gave him a look like I could take him. After many photos I continued on stopping in Rockaway for lunch at the Cow Belle after about 22 miles. From there it was a lovely ride around the Garibaldi Bay which is actually called Miami Cove. I ran into a young couple from England who having been cycle touring for a week and were thrilled with the clearer weather. We said goodbye and I didn't have far to go before I was in Tillamook. I pulled into Fred Meyer just past the bridge to use the wifi and charge up the trike motor batteries. I gave my friend Anne a call and she decided to meet me. It would take her another hour to drive down and that gave me plenty of time to finish uploading photos and get a journal entry up. My destination for the day is Cape Lookout another 10 miles on the coast where I'll be camping in the hiker/biker area. Let's hope the weather holds.

Arch Cape to Tillamook

Leaving Arch Cape

Neahkahnie viewpoint

Myrtle joins the trike shoot

Watch out for tsunamis

Bay coming into Galibaldi

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