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I think Burlington is my very favorite campground. Especially this time of year when the traffic is low and the weather is still great. There is nothing like sleeping on a bed of redwood needles taking in the rich, fragrant air. Everyone was careful to put thier food in the bins provided to keep it safe from the raccoons. I heard the rascals come through the site making their rounds but they moved on quickly. The tent was dry in the morning which always feels like a blessing. It seemed that everyone was headed to the same destination for the day - Standish-Hickey campground.

I took off early as usual for the last 15 miles of the Avenue of the Giants. At Myers Flat I stopped to mail off my video camera. No use carrying something that doesn't work. I can't believe my luck with the weather is holding - it was fantastic again. By 10 am I had peeled my layers down to a short sleeve jersey enjoying the sun. At Phillipsville the Avenue of the Giants rejoins Hwy 101 which I took into Garberville. This is a strange town. I stopped for lunch and was hoping to find wifi. All the stores have a long list of permissable actions taped to the window at the entrance which didn't feel very welcoming. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many back packers in such a small area. The town felt over run with young people selling things, playing music and pan-handling. Perhaps Garberville is on the Pacific Crest Trail. There was only one place that had wifi and they charged $3.00 an hour to use it. The connection was painfully slow and the owner was less than friendly. I managed to upload some photos and garmin info. My plan was to do a journal update while having lunch but that just wasn't going to happen.

I continued riding back on Hwy 101 which had some surprisingly long climbs. At Richardson Grove State Park the road became very narrow through the thick redwoods. It seemed that the road had been built around the trees. I felt lucky that I didn't meet any logging trucks through here because it was uncomfortable with the regular car traffic. The scenery was fantastic and after a few turns the road widened back up. I took Hwy 271 at Piercy which parallels Hwy 101 but doesn't have as much climbing. There was no traffic on this road. I took it to the end where it rejoined 101. There were really big rollers for the rest of the ride. I didn't expect to have so much climbing for the day and the batteries were very low when I arrived at Standish-Hickey campground.

Peg House market is across the street from the entrance of the campground. It's like an oasis and the last place I expected to find gourmet food. They make wonderful fresh salads and terrific grilled meals. I picked up a salad with tri-tip and a some wine to share. I met up with the same group of cyclists from last night and everyone seemed surprised by the difficulty of today's ride. Everyone was starving and exhausted after today's big ride. I set up next to the bathroom which had lots ofindivual rooms. I used one for outlets to charge up the batteries.

Tomorrow's ride will be the biggest test yet for the motor and battery capacity as the route goes over Leggett Hill. This is the highest point on the Pacific Coast cycling route.

Burlington CG to Standish-Hickey CG

Riding through the forest

Redwood road

View from the giants

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