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I awoke to wet, windy, cold and all around nasty conditions. This was unexpected as the weatherman had forecast 'possible' showers. It sure didn't look like a good day for cycling. I don't mind getting wet but starting out in a storm is really tough especially when I was already warm and dry in a hotel room. I decided to ask reception for a reduced rate and stay put for another night. Sometimes all you have to do is ask and they were very agreeable. They even reduced the rate for the first night - yoohoo! I met up with Maggie for breakfast at the Beach Dog and she told me about a good spa massage place around the corner. My day was shaping up. I checked out the spa and made an appointment. Then I went to a coffee place to work on my internet stuff and took a break for my massage. Earlier this summer I was the passenger in a car accident that left me with a stiff shoulder. I'm hoping massage will help the shoulder to loosen up. Then I went back to the coffee place to finish up my stuff. Later in the day I met up with Maggie and Sheilia to do a short ride along Schooner Creek Rd. It had stopped raining but was still cold and windy. We were hoping to see some elk out in a clearing but the elk were all busy doing other things. It was fun having 3 trikes riding together.

Friday morning the weather had improved. The forecast called for partly cloudy skies and it was dry and overcast. I met up with Maggie at the Beach Dog again for breakfast at 8 (I loved the Beach Dog!). I was all packed and ready to go. Sheilia and her husband Terry wanted to ride with me out of town. They both ride Greenspeed Anura delta trikes and coupled them together. This way they could ride as a tandem. With Maggie we were a parade going down Hwy 101 and got a lot of attention. This was Maggie's first time riding her trike on the hwy and she loved it. We got to Salishan Resort and parted ways saying goodbye. I continued on south and they turned around to go home. I had a good time with these lovely people and feel like I made some good friends.

Lincoln City to South Beach

Taft trikies at Salishan

Coupled Greenspeed Anuras

Spray from rocks at Depot Bay

Otter Creek Bridge

The morning improved hour by hour and turned absolutely gorgeous by noon. There were many scenic view points and I pulled into every one. At Depot Bay I stopped at the whale watching viewpoint. I didn't see any but lots of people were searching with binoculars. The ocean spray coming off the rocks got everyone wet. There was a big headwind today and it was still cool. All day I saw dragonflies - I think I saw thousands of dragonflies. They seemed to be flying south. I took the turn off for Otter Creek loop and enjoyed getting off the highway. There was very little traffic and this is an incredibly beautiful road along the ocean that winds through a forest. It doesn't get much better than this. Soon I was in Newport. Just before the bridge I met a 59 year old woman who has been biking around the country for 15 years. Her name is Kim but is known as Thunder in Montana. She invited me to visit her but didn't really say where in Montana I would go to do that. I said goodbye and crossed the Newport bridge. I used the motor and got across a bit faster. I wanted to stop at the aquarium but it was already after 3. From there it was just another 5 miles to South Beach campground. I stopped on the way at a fish place and had my first crab burger made with local dungeness crab. Very tasty! The South Beach campground is really nice. The hiker/biker fee is $6 and the sites are right in the middle of the park. There is a hospitality yurt with tea, coffee and popcorn available all day. I took my batteries over and sat there working on my laptop while they were charging. It was all very civilized. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be fantastic. I should be able to make it to Florence where I have some friends to stay with.

Otter Creek Road

Depot Bay shale watching site

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