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Some nights are just harder than others. Once again, I didn't sleep well. My back was tweaked and I couldn't find a comfortable position. I crawled out of my tent feeling very cranky in the morning.There were 5 other cyclists staying in the hiker/biker and we discussed the day's route over breakfast. Most everyone was headed to New Brighton State Beach 10 miles south of Santa Cruz. One guy commented that it would be an easy day with less climbing and about the same miles as yesterday and I believed him. It was very foggy and I took my time hoping it would warm up a bit. My Snowpeak titanium stove has been acting up doing a sputtering thing like one of the jets is clogged. It took a very long time to get the water to boil which didn't help my mood either. 3 cyclists got going early and I sat at a table looking over the map with a couple of Australian gals. I counted up the miles and realized it was closer to 60 miles to New Brighton State Beach. That is not an easy day in my book. It was getting on 9:30 and now I was cranky and annoyed to be starting so late. I was packed and quickly said goodbye knowing the gals would pass me on the road.

The route today doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of services. My first option was 10 miles down the road to turn into San Gregorio. It is a mile off the highway and I was ready for a cup of coffee. This is truly a one horse town with a general store and not much else. The general store has a bar and I got my cup of coffee sitting with old men doing shots of whiskey. The next stop option is Pescadero but I didn't want to take the 8 mile detour for that one. There were some good climbs through this area and it was very foggy. Coming down the hills it got quite cold. At Pigeon Point lighthouse the fog appeared to be lifting and I could see lots of blue to the east. That was nothing but a tease and the fog quickly returned. My next stop was 10 miles farther at Gazos Creek mostly to use the bathroom. I ordered an ice tea and spent some time using the wifi. I continued on another 15 miles. The terrain was mostly farmland with lots of pumpkin patches. Last weekend there was a pumpkin festival and 300,000 people flocked to Half Moon Bay. I also saw fields of artichokes. I had heard there was a good bakery in Davenport and pulled in. There were quite a few cyclists here having lunch. I met a guy that I cycled down the coast with 3 years ago. This was really unexpected. He was sitting with 3 English gals. The 2 Australian gals also stopped in. The Giants game was on and I couldn't help but notice the weather was gorgeous in San Francisco. I ordered food and we all yakked it up for awhile before I pushed on. It was another 11 miles to Santa Cruz and I decided to get a hotel room. It was getting cold and I really needed a good night's rest. The cycling seemed to be helping my back and I figured a hotel room would help it more. Coming into Santa Cruz I crossed the Lorenzo River and turned on Ocean St. which has lots of hotels. I found the National 9 motel for $55 a night which made me happy. I'll see how I feel in the morning. I might just spend an extra day here.

Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz

Landslide warning

Pumpkin festival time

Pumpkin harvest

Fog burn off tease


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