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On my rest day I took a ride out to Bodega Head to explore. Sybil, who I met yesterday outside my hotel, was also there looking for whales and relaxing. I sat and chatted with her for a bit and saw a bunch of spouts. I've heard there is a resident pod that lives here year round and it is pretty easy to spot whales any day. The ocean was calm today which made it easier to see the whale spouts. The weather was perfect and the ride out there was beautiful . The climb to the Head is fairly steep with 12-17% grades for a 1/2 mile. The motor made the ride easy. I really enjoyed talking to Sybil but needed to get caught up on internet stuff. On the way back to the hotel I stopped at Spud's Crab Company which is essentially a roadside fish shack. I ordered a crab sandwich and clam chowder to go. Wow was it good! I would definitely go back there again.

The next morning I got packed up early. The Bodega Bay Inn was very comfortable and the managers really got a kick out of Myrtle. I stopped in Valley Ford at the diner for coffee and met up with 3 cyclists headed South. Ben from Vancouver was going to San Diego and a young English couple were riding Alaska to Tierra del Fiego. They were fast riders and I said goodbye expecting to meet them again at the campground later. It was a beautiful day and actually getting hot. From Valley Ford the road goes inland through cattle country and then back out to Tomales Bay. There were some good rollers with a big downhill through the town of Tomales. I was going too fast to stop and scooted along to the very small town of Marshall. There is a really good fish shack here on the river. In Bodega Bay I noticed that none of the restaurants use the local oysters and many people are suspicious of the water cleanliness. I didn't have any oysters but enjoyed delicious fish tacos. They make really good sandwiches too.

I continued on to Pt. Reyes to find the bike shop. I wanted to pick up some dry lube for the motor chain and get a replacement mirror. Unfortunately, the shop didn't have what I needed. I started out of town when I heard someone call my name. This was a totally random place for someone to know me. It was John Riley and his wife who have been following the blog. He had sent me a nice email offering assistance when I get to San Francisco. I love these chance meetings. I stopped at the market for wine and a salad for dinner and then made my way to Samuel Taylor SP.

There were a few miles of gentle rollers and then I was on a bike path riding through a grove of redwoods for 3.5 miles. The temperature got up to 90 today but in the redwoods it dropped a good 20 degrees. It smelled so good riding on this path. I found the hiker/biker area, got set up and the 3 cyclists I met earlier rolled in. I don't know how I beat them here and then John and Jen also showed up. This campground is gorgeous but also notorious for aggressive raccoons. We all made sure to put our food in the bins provided to keep the rascals away. It's hard to believe that such a beautiful and quiet place is less than 30 miles from San Francisco.

Tomorrow I ride across the Golden Gate Bridge!

Bodega Bay to Samuel Taylor SP

Birds in Tomales Bay

Samuel Taylor bike path

Redwoods again

Redwoods on bike path

Oyster farm

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