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I rode into Fort Bragg with Javier and Silvia saying goodbye at Safeway. I had lots of fun with them and hope we'll meet up again on the road. It was so early that I took care of errands before even looking for a hotel. I did a load of laundry where I met up with John and Jen. One of my mirrors had snapped off coming down a hill a few days ago and I wanted to find a replacement. This is the third mirror problem I've had. I headed to the bike shop and they had the same mirror. The raccoons had got into my bags last night where I mistakenly left my breakfast stash. While they were rummaging around a wire to my rear light got pulled out. The wire had broken from the connector and I wanted to get that fixed too. The young guy working at Ft. Bragg cyclery was very nice but the owner clearly had a problem with touring cyclists. I didn't ask them to drop everything and I was more than willing to pay for their time but this guy very rudely said he couldn't help turning his back to me. I paid for the mirror and went across the street to the hardware store where a guy gave me new wire and helped me install it at no charge. All was right with the world again. I ended up staying at America's Best Value Hotel for $75. The wifi was strong and I was happy. It always feels good to get the journal up to date and photos uploaded. After a good night's rest I was ready to head back out on the road. The hotel provided breakfast which made getting ready even easier. The day started out beautiful with bright sunshine and I was thrilled to be riding.

Fort Bragg to Manchester

Crossing the Navarro River

Lunch time view

More Mendocino Coast

Mendocino coast road

Elk restaurant view

Elk gnarly climb view

There were gentle ups and down into the sweet little town of Mendocino where I stopped for coffee. I met up with a couple that had ridden from Honduras going to Seattle. They wanted to ride to Standish-Hickey SP today which is a heck of a ride over Leggett hill and it was already after 10:00. I wished them good luck and then met another couple from Boston who were credit card touring down the coast. Mendocino was a busy place. The town was also getting ready for the big homecoming football game and I got out of there just as the parade was starting up. The weather was exceptional. It was one of those very special days where everything feels perfect. After Little River I met up with John and Jen again who had camped at Van Damme SP. We stopped at the top of a climb to watch snorkellers diving for abalone. I continued on riding past Albion to where Hwy 1 meets up with Hwy 128 and Navarro River Rd. I found a turn off for a day use park that was just a lovely spot for lunch. The rollers continued all the way into Elk where I stopped for coffee at the Greenwood Pier Inn. The view was spectacular and the place looked set up for very fancy wedding parties. After Elk is a gnarliest hairpin turn yet. It was the first time since using the motor that I should have been climbing in the little chainring. I was huffing, puffing and gasping for air getting to the top. The actual hairpin is so steep it felt like I was climbing a wall. From there it wasn't far to Manchester. As I pulled in I realized I had stayed here before and thought I really should be reading my own blog to familiarize myself with the route. The state park doesn't have showers or electricity so I went to a KOA which was conveniently located right next door. I expected exorbinant prices and was pleasantly surprised to be quoted $9 for hiker/biker.

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