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Maybe for the first time, I slept great at a campground. I had even left a small trash bag on the picnic table that the raccoons got into but I didn't hear a thing. I felt really safe at South Beach campground. The night before I had met many nice people who volunteer their time to the park. They take their work very seriously which gave me a new appreciation for the Oregon campgrounds. The hiker/biker sites had raised platforms for the tents and I chose one that fit my small tent footprint. I got up just before sunrise and it was quite chilly. The coffee tasted good. I like taking my time but still getting out on the road before 8 am. It was clear and cool when I got back on Hwy 101. The road goes right along the coast with small rollers for 15 miles into Waldport. I was passed by groups of cyclists that were serious in purpose and speed but looked to be out for day rides. I noticed they were all riding touring bikes but no one was carrying panniers. One guy slowed down enough for me to ask questions and it turned they were all on a 1000 km (620 mile) brevet from Seattle to Klamath Falls, Oregon. This guy expected to finish it in 75 hours. My response was good luck but to myself I thought 'And people think I'm crazy?!?' I stopped at the Seadog cafe in Waldport for a fabulous breakfast that was so big I took half with me to eat for lunch. The sun was bright, the marine layer was burning off and the forecast was for a beautiful day. I stopped often to take pictures as I crossed the river into Yachats. It was around 10:30 and I pulled into the local library to check emails. I hadn't really planned on doing this but the sign pointed the way and I followed. After Yachats there were some really good hills and I was riding either up or down for the rest of the day. I stopped at Washburne State Park to eat the left over smoked salmon quiche with chantrelle mushrooms from breakfast. The views throughout the day were outstanding especially the Heceta Head lighthouse and some reflective lakes next to the road. The wind switched and started blowing from the west as I rode up the hills bringing the marine layer with it. The terrain changed dramatically from forest to sand dunes coming down from Heceta Junction. The foggy conditions made the scene look starker and even menacing.

South Beach to Florence

Foggy Seal Rock

Reflective lake on the way to Waldport

Road over Haceta Junction

Haceta Lighthouse

Earlier in the day I had called friends that live in Florence. These are the same friends that took care of the Bitchin' Bent Biker Babes on our trip down the Oregon Coast 3 years ago. It turned out they were camping but they still invited me to stay explaining where the key was. I stopped at Fred Meyer to pick up something for later and got directions to my friends house. While I was stopped lots of people commented on my 'rig'. I spent some time on the wifi and put up a blog entry before heading on just a few blocks further. Tucker the cat was there to welcome me in and I made myself comfortable. My timing couldn't have been better because tomorrow a big storm is expected. My friends will return home in the afternoon and it will be great to see them again.

Seals playing in the waves

Pull for service chicken at the Seadog Cafe

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