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I had a very nice stay in Brookings. The weather was great, I visited with friends and met very nice people. I took Myrtle's blanket to a quilt shop to get one of the straps reattached. The woman said to come back in a couple of hours. She did a great job strengthening all the straps and then didn't charge me. So sweet. I went back to the wine bar in the early evening for dinner and to use the wifi. I left Brookings all caught up.

It was warm and dry again in the morning. No wet tent to pack today - yoohoo! Even though I didn't have far to go I took off at my usual 8 am. I stopped at Fred Meyer for supplies and went to Mojo's for a cup of coffee. I talked to some enthusiastic people for a long time about the advantages of electric assist. Eventually, I got on the road for real. The route today was mostly off Hwy 101. I took a picture at the California border and then turned off into dairy farm land. The road didn't have much of a shoulder and my right wheel was well into the gravel when traffic came from both directions. Soon I was going through the small towns of Smith River Rancheria and Fort Dick. The road widened before the prison and I had a huge shoulder all the way into Crescent City. The weather was warm and cloudy with no wind. There were a good 10 cyclists back at the hiker/biker and most everyone was headed to Crescent City today. I expected to see some of them on the road and was finally past by 3 Canadian gals at the end of my ride. It was only 1 pm when I arrived and I could have gone farther. Hwy 101 continues with the biggest hill of the route so far and I'm putting that off until tomorrow. There is a campground that is supposed to be lovely in a redwood forest. It is 10 miles off route and out of town so I decided to stay in a hotel. I probably could have found a better deal but Travelodge was centrally located with wifi so I paid the $58. My laundry situation was dire. I have so few clothes it doesn't take long before washing is mandatory. I also feel like I should get a massage. Back in Lincoln City I had a massage and the masseuse suggested I get a wooden spoon to use on my stubborn shoulder muscles. She advised leaning on the spoon to apply pressure similar to what a masseuse would do. I bought a spoon today and it will be interesting to see if this technique is effective. I'll take advantage of my hotel room to get a good night's rest and be ready for tomorrow's climb.

Brookings to Crescent City

View from campground

Brookings view

More Brookings scenery

Team Krusti try out Myrtle

Brookings dog walker

Skip and Renee

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