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I awoke refreshed and ready to hit the road after 2 nights in a hotel. Staying in a hotel does wonders for me. It seems like I can only camp for a few days in a row and then I need a break. I like camping and especially meeting other cyclists but I simply sleep better in a hotel. I packed up early and set out stopping at the coop for breakfast and picking up some supplies. I headed back on Hwy 101. Some of the road coming out of Eureka was pretty sketchy. The surface was in terrible shape and there all kinds of trash and obstacles to contend with on the side of the road. This went on for a few miles until the road turned into a proper freeway with a good shoulder. There was a booming tailwind which I really felt after the turnoff for Ferndale when it changed to a very strong crosswind. It was nice to get off the freeway on to quieter roads. Ferndale is a sweet little town with lots of restored victorians. I stopped for lunch at the Ferndale pizzeria which has an all you can eat salad bar and pizza for $6.50. Very yummy. Then it was up and around Grizzly Bluff Road through lots of beautiful farmland. Some of the hills were very steep with grades up to 17%. Then it was back on 101 at Scotia until the turnoff for Avenue of the Giants. This is definitely a highlight of the Pacific Coast route. I pulled out my helmet cam for the first time on this trip to film the road but the camera wasn't working. It seems that water got into it. Humpff! I used my new Nikon camera, which has HD video, holding it as I rode. The scenery was spectacular. There was very little traffic and I took my time enjoying every minute. The weather was lovely and the trees sheltered me from the wind. I stopped at a wonderful produce stand in Pepperwood. The owner gave me an ear of corn to eat raw. It never occurred to me to eat corn raw and it was delicious. She said to only eat corn right off the cob if it has been picked fresh that day. I took 6 ear to give out to other cyclists at camp. It was another 10 miles to the Burlington campground. I didn't remember the road being this long but it was a fabulous ride. I arrived at the campground and shared a space with John and Jen from Portland. Ryan from Canada, a German guy and a couple from Spain were also camping. The couple from Spain remembered me from Cape Lookout where I camped on my first night. The campground host generously offered his motor home to plug in and charge up my batteries. On the way back to the site I loaded up some firewood. All 12 pieces of wood fit in the Xtracycle bags - with room to spare. It really cracks me up how much the Cargo Monster can carry. We got a nice fire going and sat around yakking until the wood was burned. By 8:30 pm we had all retired to our tents. What a wild group!

Eureka to Burlington CG


Scenery of the Avenue

Xtra firewood

Eureka victorian


Avenue of the giants

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