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Even though I checked the trike a couple of times before going to bed, I kept myself awake worrying about what I left out for the raccoons to find. They came around during the night and started fighting over something. My imagination had them tearing apart poor Myrtle. In the morning everything was fine but I was dead dog tired. I was moving pretty slow and got packed up and on the road closer to 9 am. The weather was fabulous again and by 11 am I had layered down to my short sleeve jersey. The route today was lots of big rollers. At first around Ft. Ross and along the coast and then the road went inland through big cattle farms. There were lots of cows on Hwy 1 grazing along the side of the road. There were also gates to go through and cattle grates to go over. Those grates are rough on a trike. Then the hwy went through big switchbacks going down to a river and then back up and out to the coast. The landscape through cattle country was very brown. I felt better back at the coast windng my way towards the Russian River with a stop in the very small town of Jenner. The Cafe Aquatic is open 7 days a week and has some of the best clam chowder I've ever eaten. It was chocked full of tender clams - yummy! From there I rode past a string of Sonoma County beaches into Bodega Bay. I wanted to get here early to find the bike shop. I've been losing pressure in my hydraulic disc brakes and wanted someone to take a look. I found the shop but it closed 6 months ago. It was now a coffee shop so I stopped, ordered a cup and used the wifi. I had planned on camping at Bodega Dunes but I was so tired I changed my mind. The young woman working the cafe had worked at a hotel across the street which she recommended. The Bodega Bay Inn is actually affordable. I got a room for $70 that is enormous with a king bed, piano and a long leather couch. The hotel has a hostel feel to it. There is a open kitchen, books to exchange and my bathroom is across the hall. My room also has very strong wifi and I plan to get my journal up to date. There just hasn't been enough wifi over the the last 3 days to get the job done. After I got moved in I went out to Lucas Wharf for dinner. The ride there was down a big hairpin turn. The restaurant was very expensive and not as good as I thought it should be. When I got back to the hotel a couple, Ross and Sybil, were loading bikes and stopped to chat. It turns out that Ross owns a bike shop in Sebastopol that specializes in recumbent and electric bikes. Check out Velo Verde. It was fun talking to them and Ross gave me the names and numbers of people that would be interested in what I'm doing. After making a bunch of phone calls I realized that I was too tired to work on the blog. Looks like I'll be staying 2 nights in lovely Bodega Bay.

Woodside SP to Bodega Bay

Nice downhill run

Back at the coast

Whale watching at Bodega Heads

View of the bay

Bodega Bay

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