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A massive thunderstorm came through the area Tuesday night. Every half hour the tv shows were interrupted with updates. The storm came packing powerful winds too and some areas reported a foot of hail. I kept thinking about Dave who was camping at Rocky Springs on his first day riding the Trace. The temperatures dipped down to the 40's and I was thrilled about staying in Natchez another day.

When I got up the next day the skies still looked ominous and the wind was blowing strong from the north. I went to the office and paid for another day. I took care of all kinds of things. Ecospeed had sent me an updated controller and I installed it. I went to a Weight Watchers meeting where I lost another 1.4 lbs. Yahh! This meeting was funny though. I talked about my trip, like I always do, and this time no one got what I was saying. It was as if I was speaking another language. They just stared at me and then went on talking about something else. I also got a pedicure while I was out exploring the town.

Finally on Thursday I packed up Myrtle to start riding the Natchez Trace Parkway. The forecast called for temperatures in the 80's but it was barely 50 when I got going. I've heard so much about this parkway I was really excited. My hotel was an easy 5 miles to the terminus where I stopped to take pictures. The Trace logo is supposed to show a postal carrier on horseback but it makes me think of Don Quixote.

The ride was beautiful and very quiet. There is no shoulder on the Trace but also no commercial traffic is allowed. The road surface was excellent. The little traffic I encountered were mostly RV's. I pulled into the historic site of Mount Locust which has an old restored Inn from the early 1800's. At one point there was an inn every 10 miles on the Trace. It was still really cold and I got out my gloves, rain pants and another top. Was the sun even going to come out? I continued on to Port Gibson where I took off on Hwy 61 to look for a charge. I met my first touring cyclist at the ramp. Jim is from central Illinois and heading south. He warned me Hwy 61 wasn't bike friendly and I pulled into the first business I saw. The gas station had outlets outside and I made up a snack while the batteries charged.

Finally the sun started to break and the day warmed up. The colors of the wild flowers really started to pop out and the greens seemed greener too. I continued on to Rocky Springs campground pulling in around 5 pm. This had been a full day and I was ready to stop. I knew the sites didn't have electricity and rode around to find all the sites were taken as well. The first site had 3 picnic tables and I asked if they would mind me taking one. Roger and Suzie were really sweet. Not only did they let me share the site they shared dinner with me as well. Roger handed me a beer and got the bbq going. We yakked and yakked. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Natchez to Rocky Springs CG, MS

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Exit into Port Gibson.

Stop explaining Natchez historical point.

Beginning of the Trace.

Antebellum home in Port Gibson.

Inn at Mount Locust.

Suzie and Roger - very fun sitemates.

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