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Diane and Larry of Monetta's Country Cottage really took nice care of me. When I got back from dinner we had a good long chat out on the porch. Myrtle was stored safe and sound in the garage. The cottage itself was very comfortable and I, gratefully, slept well. In the morning I took my time knowing I had less than 40 miles to cover. Dawn and Ross had reservations and were headed to Fall Hollow. I heard the place had only 2 rooms so I sent an email asking to reserve the other one, if available. There is also a campground so I knew that accommodation wouldn't be a problem. Diane, Larry and I chatted for a long time about the Stone Talker and the area. It was interesting and close to 10 when I started out. It was already warm. So far there has been a good breeze to keep me cooler and the heat hasn't bothered me yet. The ride today was very beautiful with soft winding rollers and very green landscape. I skirted the Laurel Hill wildlife area for many miles. The GPS said I was also in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains which I thought was pretty neat. The traffic was surprisingly light with mostly Harley's roaring by barely acknowledging me. I always give trike motorcycles the raised fist of solidarity as they pass. They don't usually get it but today the trikers laughed and returned a raised fist enthusiastically. I love that.

Fall Hollow campground is right across from the exit for Columbia and Hohenwald. The local pronunciation of Hohenwald sounds a lot like Hole in Wall which cracked me up. The temperature was really climbing and I was ready to stop. Vicky came out to greet me. She had received my email asking to reserve a room and was expecting me. I was in luck. Dawn and Ross had arrived on their Bike Fridays taking one room and the other room was still available for $65. A little higher than I was hoping for but I still took it. The room was large and comfortable. Vicky immediately offered me ice tea which I thirstily accepted. The 'Inn' didn't have wifi and I didn't have phone service which made me feel isolated. I always get panicky when this happens. It takes me a while to accept the situation and then the feeling subsides. The place has a restaurant but isn't open on Sunday. Ross and Dawn had asked if they could cook up something simple for later. Vicky cheerfully offered for her husband Bill to make us a spaghetti dinner. Very nice and generous people.

I got settled in my room and then went out to the creek to read. The creek was full of catfish. Ross and Dawn were down there and we all chatted the afternoon away. I was eager to talk about tomorrow's ride. This would be the last ride on the Natchez Trace Parkway. So far, I hadn't found any accommodation at the end of the Trace and wondered what they had planned. A big thunderstorm was also expected and I was thinking about staying in Fall Hollow 2 nights. Not having phone or wifi wasn't ideal but I didn't want to do anything stupid either. Their travel plans dictated getting to Nashville tomorrow so we all decided to ride together at first light hoping to beat the storm.

Collinwood to Fall Hollow, TN

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Riding on a flower trimmed road.

Flowering dogwoods

Amish riding lawnmower.

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