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After such a nice visit in Petaling Jaya with Mama Ching, it was hard to say goodbye. She took us, one last time, to the Village Park for more of my favorite drink and nasi lamak. Really good food and Mama Ching helped us with translation for different foods and how to ask for vegetables. Hopefully, we will be able to remember our lessons. After a few pictures we pedaled away from PJ and onto, yet another, expressway. Again, we found ourselves needing to ride over many lanes to get on a different highway. This was super scary but the traffic was very polite and we had no problems. The traffic in Malaysia has been such a welcome surprise. Everyone is always so excited to see us and make sure they see us wave back. What a difference from the US where we would have been honked at, sworn at and had people threaten our safety.

Once we got out of the heaviest traffic around KL the ride became more relaxed. We got a late start and it was very hot. Even though we only managed 18 miles for the day I was ready to stop. We got checked into the New Wave Hotel across from a large shopping mall. The trikes were locked up together outside the reception window where someone would be on duty 24 hours a day. Shortly after arriving, Kathryn realized she had left her sleeping mat at Mama Chings. What to do? We considered having her send the mat further on our route. But then we weren't very far, by car, from Mama Ching's house. Maybe she would be available to drive it to Rawang. We gave her a call on Skype. She found the mat and got in her car driving to the hotel. We got to spend another meal with Mama Ching! Yahh! We took her out for a nice local dinner of ginger garlic talapia. It was terrific to see her again and hope it isn't the last time.


Wonderful soup.

Gas stations have a prayer room.

Mama Ching saying goodbye outside Village Park restuarant.

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