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It was really nice having another elevator to get our stuff down to the lobby. I slept well and felt much better after a good nights' rest, What a difference a day makes. We took off and headed back out to the highway. The weather was steamy hot but not as steamy hot as yesterday. Somehow, this was a relief.

Today we took a different highway that was newer with a good sized shoulder and not nearly as much traffic. We were loving it. Motorcycle riders and people in cars constantly honked and gave us the thumbs up. In our true turtle fashion we found reasons to stop about every 3-5 miles for something. First, Kathryn had a cleat screw fall out. I rummaged through my bike repair stuff and found a spare. Then we pulled over for a delightful visit with a fruit vendor. He gave us some pulusan and offered samples of durian and jack fruit. Kathryn and I had tried just a sip of durian juice while in Singapore and that was enough to turn us away from the fruit forever. He laughed at our disgusted faces and then offered us some jack fruit which was quite nice. A couple of other people showed up and he offered them samples as well. We really had fun with everyone there. Next we stopped in Pekan Nanes for a terrific veggie lunch. They had wifi and I think we hung out for a good 1 1/2 hours. As we continued there were lots of oddities that required our attention. including a vendor selling live fish in baggies hanging from all over a tent canopy.

As we approached Pontian the honks and thumbs up became more frequent. We were constantly waving back at people. Once in town I by-passed the first hotel thinking we should try another first. We went to many hotels in this beach community that were concentrated within 3 blocks. Most didn't have a room with 2 beds and some were just too skanky. My favorite was a bright pink hotel that had a feather covered chandelier in the lobby. Eventually we made it back to the first hotel we had passed and got checked-in for $46 which included breakfast.

With the US election happening tomorrow we will probably stay another day to watch it unfold. This is a very exciting day and we are hoping to find CNN to follow the coverage.


With Izza and Majid at fruit stop.

Breakfast buffet.

Road side fruit stop.

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