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We had a very nice stay in Pontian. The hotel staff were terrific letting us keep our trikes in a huge, locked banquet room. We couldn't find any TV in town that had English language stations so we watched the election results on my laptop. Must say that I am very happy with the results. I was particularly pleased with the added Senate seats. I was never worried that Obama would be re-elected mostly because Romney was a really terrible candidate. It's hard to say what the Republicans will do to turn this result around. I'm sure the mid-terms are already in the works. It sure is nice to have this election over.

Feeling well rested, Kathryn and I got an early start the next day. We were packed and on the road by 8:30 which is probably a record. Today would be our longest ride because the first town with a hotel is 46 miles away. As usual, it was already toasty when we started on Highway 5 north through little towns. Everyday is a parade for us because we are constantly waving and saying hello to people in cars, on motorcycles, kids in school and vendors of all kinds. What cracks me up is when people clap as we ride by.

The route went from one small seaside town to the next. The smell of ocean was always in the air. The roadside plantings of boganvilla and azelias were really beautiful. There is a strong mix of Chinese and Malay Muslim in this part of Malaysia. All the signs are in Chinese, Malay and English. I'll have to find out how the Chinese have come to play such a prominent role in this Muslim country.We stopped for lunch at a road side restaurant and got a plate of veggies with rice for $1.15 a piece - with iced tea. Every five miles we stopped for juice looking for shade. As the day wore on it got hotter and hotter. I reapplied sunscreen many times but my legs still felt like they were getting fried. Maybe tomorrow I'll try wearing capris for more protection. Kathryn was really suffering and seemed to be totally overheated. She talked about feeling like she was going to vomit but managed to keep going. I'm worried that the heat of SE Asia may be too much for her.

As we approached our destination we had some hills for the first time. It was a nice change from the very flat roads we have been on for the last few days although it would have been nice to get in doors quicker and out of the sun. Sure enough, almost as soon as we arrived the skies let loose with a big downpour. I wanted to go out and stand in the rain but decided a real shower would be better.

Hopefully, tomorrow we will be heading to Muar which is a shorter distance.

Batu Pahat

Lunch - $1.15.

Sugar cane juice in a handy to-go bag.

Kathryn handing out animal shaped bracelets.

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