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We arrived in Baru Bangi in time for the Deepavali celebrations. The fireworks were exploding for hours in and around our hotel. As if that wasn't enough excitement, I had an unfortunate experience in the shower when the showerhead broke off and flew up to the ceiling leaving the water spouting straight up. I got dried off while Kathryn went down to reception to explain what had happened. They gave us a new room. Then we noticed that the beds didn't have a top sheet. There was a bottom sheet and a blanket on top. I've seen this before in SE Asia and I find it to be really gross. Everyone knows that blankets aren't cleaned after every guest. Kathryn went back to reception to explain that we needed top sheets. Apparently, this wasn't so easy but she managed to return with fresh sheets. I was so exhuasted from the days ride that I didn't bother with another shower and went to bed.

In the morning we were thinking about riding all the way into Kuala Lumpur. It is close to 50 miles from here which is more than we have done in a day so far. I figured as we approach Kuala Lumpur there should be plenty of hotel options in case it feels too ambitious. Along the coast we were treated to a small grove of trees that were full of small monkeys. They were so small it was difficult to see them in the thick trees and even more difficult to get pictures of.

We had to back-track 8 miles of yesterday's route and then we felt like we were on our way. Every 8 miles or so we stopped for a break from the heat and had many interesting encounters at the road-side restaurants. At one restaurant, a very old, stooped-over woman walking with a cane came in and shook our hands. We couldn't understand a word she said but she pulled up a chair to have her lunch with us. She ate her meal of fried-rice with her hands giving us a big toothless smile ever so often. At another stop we tried a dessert called ABC that we had heard about. It was a complicated recipe of red sugar flavored crushed ice on top of ice cream with red beans, corn, apple chunks, nuts, gummy bear squares and another dollop of soft ice cream on top. Kathryn and I both found it too sweet and only had a few bites. At least we tried it. (See picture at top.)

Some of the riding today was up some steep, steep hills. We would stop at the top and take a break to towel off the sweat after exerting so much effort. The ride was through many small towns with lots to look at. I felt quite relaxed today. At about 3 we had both had enough and called it a day in Bandar Baru Bangi. We got checked into the Reko Inn Hotel for $34 which was nice after paying so much more the last couple of the nights.

Bandar Baru Bangi

Agave looking plant.

Monkey in a tree.

Nuclear energy regulators.

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